Selecting a 32-bit Microchip Microcontroller

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Microchip Technology has a lot of microcontrollers to choose from, so many that the task of selecting the perfect one for your specific needs can be overwhelming.

This page is intended to help narrow your search and provide you with links to other device selection resources. It also has links to device family pages, connecting you with all the information you need to evaluate and design with these MCUs.

Lowest Cost (under $1.50)

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMD1x/2xArm® Cortex®-M0+488-2564-32Lowest cost
SAMCArm Cortex-M0+488-2564-325V supply
PIC32MX1/2/5M4K®5016-5124-64PIC32MX1/2 are low cost

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Low Power and Full-Speed USB

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMD1x/2xArm Cortex-M0+488-2564-32SAMD11/21 have USB
SAMLArm Cortex-M0+/M234816-2564-32Lowest power
SAM4Arm Cortex-M4/M4F120128-204864-160SAM4L has USB
SAMGArm Cortex-M4F120256-51264-176SAMG55 has USB
SAMD5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256 
PIC32MMmicroAptiv2516-644-8PIC32MM-GPM has USB
PIC32MX1/2 (XLP)M4K72128-25632-64PIC32MX254/274 have USB

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Large Memory and USB (512 KB Flash Minimum)

Full-Speed USB
FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAM4Arm Cortex-M4/M4F120128-204864-160Ethernet, CAN 2.0B
SAMGArm Cortex-M4F120256-51264-176SAMG55 has USB
SAMD5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256 
SAME5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256Ethernet, CAN FD
PIC32MX5/6/7M4K8064-51216-128Ethernet, CAN 2.0B
PIC32MKmicroAptiv120512-1024128-256Motor control peripherals and 2 USB
High-Speed USB
FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMS7/E7/V7Arm Cortex-M7300512-2048256-384Ethernet, CAN FD
PIC32MZ EFM-Class252512-2048128-512Ethernet, CAN 2.0B
PIC32MZ DAmicroAptiv2001024-2048256-640Ethernet, CAN 2.0B, DDR2 (32 MB embedded or 128 MB external)

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Ethernet, Full-Speed USB, and CAN (80-120 MHz)

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAM4Arm Cortex-M4/M4F120128-204864-160SAM4E has all three with CAN 2.0B
SAME5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256CAN FD
PIC32MX5/6/7M4K8064-51216-128PIC32MX7 has all three with CAN 2.0B

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Ethernet, High-Speed USB, and CAN (200 MHz Minimum)

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMS7/E7/V7Arm Cortex-M7300512-2048256-384SAME7/V7 have all three with CAN FD
PIC32MZ EFM-Class252512-2048128-512CAN 2.0B
PIC32MZ DAmicroAptiv2001024-2048256-640Graphics controller, DDR2 (32 MB embedded or 128 MB external) and CAN 2.0B

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Motor Control

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMD1x/2xArm Cortex-M0+488-2564-32SAMD21L for motor control
SAMCArm Cortex-M0+4832-2564-32SAMC21 for motor control
SAME5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256 
SAMS7/E7/V7Arm Cortex-M7300512-2048256-384 
PIC32MKmicroAptiv120512-1024128-2563 DACs, 4 OpAmps, 5 Comparators, 2 USB, 4 CAN 2.0B

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FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
Low-cost controllerless:
PIC32MX1/2/5M4K5016-5124-64Lowest cost
PIC32MX1/2 (XLP)M4K72128-25632-64Low power
PIC32MX5/6/7M4K8064-51216-128Ethernet, USB, CAN 2.0B
PIC32MKmicroAptiv120512-1024128-256Motor control peripherals
PIC32MZ EFM-Class252512-2048128-512Ethernet, USB, CAN 2.0B
Integrated graphics controller and DDR2:
PIC32MZ DAmicroAptiv2001024-2048256-640DDR2 (32 MB embedded or 128 MB external)

Other MCU's and MPUs with an integrated graphics controller:

Recommended 32-bit MCU to Drive Common Displays

  • Can drive three full frames using internal memory unless noted
  • No external memory or display controller required
  • 16-bit displays use 5-bits for red, 6-bits for green, and 5-bits for blue (65 K colors)
  • 24-bit displays (true color) use 8-bits for red, 8-bits for green, and 8-bits for blue (16.8 M colors)
Common DisplaysColor Depth
WVGA800x4805", 7"  PIC32MZ DA²
VGA640x4805.7" PIC32MZ DAPIC32MZ DA²
Bar display1024x3009" PIC32MZ DAPIC32MZ DA²
WQVGA480x2724.3" PIC32MZ EF1PIC32MZ EF1 and PIC32MZ DA
QVGA320x2403.2" PIC32MZ EF and PIC32MK1PIC32MZ EF2
Common for OLED128x641", 2.7"PIC32MX1PIC32MX1 

1: Can drive one full frame using internal memory
2: Can drive two full frames using internal memory

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5V and CAN

FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMCArm Cortex-M0+4832-2564-32CAN FD


FamilyCoreSpeed (MHz)Flash (KB)SRAM (KB)Notes
SAMLArm Cortex-M0+/M234816-2564-32AES, SHA, 3DES, TRNG, Tamper Detection, TrustZone®, Integrity Check Monitor (SHA), HW root of trust/secure boot
SAM4Arm Cortex-M4/M4F120128-204864-160AES, 3DES, TRNG, Tamper Detection
SAMGArm Cortex-M4F120256-51264-176Tamper Detection
SAMD5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256AES, 3DES, TRNG, Tamper Detection, RSA, ECC, Integrity Check Monitor (SHA)
SAME5xArm Cortex-M4F120256-1024128-256AES, 3DES, TRNG, Tamper Detection, RSA, ECC, Integrity Check Monitor (SHA)
SAMS7/E7/V7Arm Cortex-M7300512-2048256-384AES, 3DES, TRNG, Tamper Detection, Integrity Check Monitor (SHA), HW root of trust/secure boot
PIC32MZ EFM-Class252512-2048128-512AES, 3DES, TRNG
PIC32MZ DAmicroAptiv2001024-2048256-640AES, 3DES, TRNG
FamilySymmetric Crypto (AES, 3DES)Asymmetric Crypto (RSA, ECC)Integrity Check MonitorHardware Root of Trust / Secure BootTamper DetectionTrue Random Number GeneratorEnvironmental MonitorSecurity Key StorageKey ProvisioningVirtualization / Trustzone Support
SAM L10        
SAM L11    
SAM L21        
SAM L22       
SAM G         
SAM D5x     
SAM E5x     
SAM S7/E7/V7     
PIC32MZ EF        
PIC32MZ DA    

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