LIN Description File (LDF)

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The configuration of the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) network cluster, i.e. the specification of:

  • Network publishers and subscribers
  • Signals
  • Frames

is managed in the LIN Description File (LDF). This is an ASCII-text file created by the network designer and provided to vendors who will be developing LIN Master/Slave node hardware/software.

From the LDF, ANSI-C driver code and header files are automatically generated using suitable tools, such as the IHR LIN Driver Configuration Tool.

Basic Workflow

LIN workflow

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  • Defined by consortium.
  • Global description language:
    • One single file describes a complete LIN network.
    • Universal file for embedded software, test, validation, and analysis tools.
  • Defines cluster information:
    • Protocol Version.
    • Language Version.
    • Bus Speed.
    • Node List.
    • Signals.
    • Frames.
    • Schedule Tables.

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LDF Header Section

LDF header

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LDF Signal Definition Section

LDF Signals

LDF signals

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LDF Frame Definition Section

LDF Frames

LDF frames

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Further Reading

A detailed description of the LIN Configuration Language is provided in Section 9 of the LIN v2.2A Specification.

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