motorBench® Development Suite

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The motorBench® Development Suite is an advanced GUI-based software development tool for motor control. The motorBench Development Suite is capable of performing accurate measurements of critical motor parameters (self-commissioning) and automatic tuning of feedback control gains (auto-tuning) for dsPIC33EP Digital Signal Controllers (DSC).

The interactive development environment is designed to help you design and implement motor control systems, scaling from very basic to sophisticated implementations. The motorBench Development Suite is an MPLAB® X IDE plugin that automatically measures motor parameters, tunes the algorithmic controller gains, and generates source code for an MPLAB X IDE project.

  • Quickly achieve stable PI control loop gains for velocity and torque
  • See how the control loop gains affect the system through Bode plots
  • Generate code straight into an MPLAB X IDE project
  • Integrated help files guide through each step

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