MCP16311/2 Synchronous Buck Converter Design Analyzer Introduction

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Using the MCP16311/2 Synchronous Buck Converter Design Analyzer

MCP16311 Design Analyzer

MCP16311/2 Buck Converter Design Analyzer Introduction

Increasingly, more electronic equipment is developed in different fields of interest, escalating demands for longer run time and higher efficiency. Electrical system design engineers are now facing the difficulties of developing better and more efficient power supplies that can meet the more stringent requirements and standards in the industry. Unfortunately, in many cases, the power supply design process is among the most troublesome parts of a project and requires a lot of time and effort. To meet this challenge, Microchip offers the MCP16311/2 Buck Converter Design Analyzer, which is a power supply design tool to help you develop power supplies best suited for your design.

The Microchip MCP16311/2 Design Analyzer is a Microsoft® Excel®-based tool that calculates and recommends the most suitable components for user-specific applications. Furthermore, it has the option of tuning your external components in order to get the best results. By using the components and conditions specified in the input cells, the MCP16311/2 Buck Converter Design Analyzer is capable of estimating the efficiency and frequency response of the power supply.

This tool represents a superior alternative to the trial-and-error approach, which is both time and resource-consuming as it involves repeatedly developing and testing prototypes until satisfactory results are obtained. The buck converter design analyzer can help choose the best components and can provide insight into how the power supply is going to behave under different conditions. By doing so, it provides valuable information long before receiving the actual board from the factory.

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