Generate Summary Report

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:17

Once all the required information is entered into the Digital Compensator Design Tool, it will enable you to generate a project summary report and a file that includes the calculated coefficients. You can choose between two options:

Figure 1: Output Report File Menu

Figure 1: Output Report File Menu

Generate Report

The Generate Report option will create an HTML document that includes a summary of the active project and is intended for documentation purposes. The file will be saved in the same folder as defined in the Project Location (see the New Project figure on the Import Existing Project page).

The DCDT will only capture input information from the most recent window selections. This is summarized in the figure on the Single-Loop System Block Diagram page.

Generate Code

The Generate Code option will generate the header source file that includes the #define declarations for the compensator coefficients that reflect the performance designed by the GUI. The code can be directly placed into the MPLAB® X IDE active project and programmed into the hardware.

Figure 2 Digital Compensator Generated Coefficients

Figure 2: Digital Compensator Generated Coefficients

The generated source file will also include a summary of the user data and GUI settings. These are not shown in Figure 2: Digital Compensator Generated Coefficients.