Peak Current Mode Control

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 08:54

The Peak Current Mode Control (PCMC) option allows the user to model and design the digital compensator required for this mode of control. The PCMC is characterized by having one compensator to monitor the outer voltage loop and one analog comparator used to monitor the inner current loop. The advantages and disadvantages of the different control modes will not be discussed in this article.

As an example, below we show a step-down, or buck converter, operated in peak current mode. Notice how this diagram is simplified and can be used to represent any power supply topology.

Peak Current Mode controlled Buck Converter

The Digital Compensator Design Tool (DCDT) Graphical User Interface (GUI) will represent the system using the following block diagrams, where each block diagram will need to be defined by the user based on the hardware topology and design.

DCDT Block Diagram for Peak Current Mode System