Network Analysis Tools

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wiresharkWireshark is a free network protocol analyzer. It is the de facto standard when it comes to packet data analysis. It can be used to investigate communication traffic by inserting a PC into the network. The utility can be used to see all traffic or can be configured to filter traffic for a defined subset of the communication partners. Filters can also be used to track specific protocols and therefore help the designer confirm their firmware is behaving as expected.

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Tools Used to Verify Basic Connectivity


Trace Route displays the route packets take when moving between your computer and a particular website or IP address.
trace route


ping returns the IP address of a website and the round trip time to receive a reply.


ipconfig returns all Ethernet and WLAN adaptor information for the host. Using the “/all” option will also show MAC addresses.


iperf is a free network analysis tool. It generates TCP or UDP traffic and measures performance including packet loss and throughput. “jperf” is a GUI front end for iperf.

iperf network analysis tool


netinfo bundles multiple network administration command-line applications into a single GUI.

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