Set Up the Environment for Creating Touch Projects Via the MPLAB® Harmony Configurator v3

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Warning: This tutorial uses the old Harmony configuration tool (MPLAB® Harmony Configurator (MHC)). New Harmony projects should use the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) instead.


This page provides information on the steps involved in setting up the environment for creating touch projects via the MPLAB® Harmony Configurator 3.

Harmony v3 Environment Graphic

In the Release Notes, you can find the versions of tools that need to be installed.

Reference Materials

Steps for Setting up the Environment

Install Harmony Configurator 3 Plugin

Open the IDE and click on Tools, then select Plugins from the drop-down menu.

Tools > Plugin drop-down menu

From the Available Plugins list, search "harmony" and install the Harmony Configurator 3 plugin.

Available Plugins list, search 'harmony'

After installing, we will find the Harmony 3 Configurator and Harmony 3 Framework Downloader options as shown in the accompanying figure:

Harmony 3 Configurator and Harmony 3 Framework Downloader options

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Download H3 Framework

Expand Tools > Embedded > MPLAB® Harmony 3 Framework Downloader.

MPLAB Harmony v3 Framework Downloader

In the Framework Install Path tab, enter the location of local folder where the repo has to be downloaded.

Framework Install Path tab: Enter the download location folder

From the Download Packages tab, click and download the necessary repositories (touch, csp, dev_packs, mhc).

Download Packages tab: Download the necessary repositories

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