Automatic Frequency Adaptation (AFA)

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 08:55

The Automatic Frequency Adaptation (AFA) section allows you to enable the advanced noise immunity algorithm. The AFA routine continuously tracks the amount of noise that is on each sensor and chooses a new scan frequency intelligently to avoid noise frequency and its harmonics. The routine requires an 8-bit timer to precisely control the scanning frequency for non-ADCC parts implementation. Due to this requirement, mTouch® technology will take ownership of the first available 8-bit timer module by default, if one is available when the automatic frequency adaptation routine is enabled.

Automatic Frequency Adaptation can be enabled from the Advanced Filtering tab of the mTouch GUI

The AFA requires extra Flash and RAM memory so this feature may not work with RAM-limited controllers. If the AFA is disabled, the system chooses a random scan frequency every scan cycle.