Guide to Install Touch Sensor Plugin in Altium Designer®

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 08:55

The Microchip Touch Sensor plugin in Altium Designer® provides an easy and intuitive way to design capacitive touch sensors. The plugin reduces the effort and time involved in generating complex touch sensor patterns. This article provides information on installing the Microchip Touch Sensor plugin into Altium Designer.

Open Altium Designer. Click on the Profile button (see the accompanying image) at the top-right of the main application window and then choose the Extensions and Updates option.

Profile Icon from Altium Designer

From the Purchased page, search for Microchip Touch Sensor or scroll down and look for the Microchip Touch Sensor Plugin.

Screencap of Microchip Touch Sensor Plugin on Altium Designer's 'Extensions and Updates' page

Select the Microchip Touch Sensor extension and install it. Make sure the Supporting Altium Version information is in line with the Altium Designer version before installing.

Selecting Microchip Touch Sensor plugin brings up the install page, check the support Altium version

After installation, Altium Designer must be restarted to complete the installation/update process. Proceed with a restart for the changes to take effect. Verify through Windows® File Explorer that Microchip Touch Sensors is now available (in the \Users\Public\Documents\Altium\AD<VersionNumber>\Library\Microchip Touch folder or a default installation).