Touch Sensor Plugin Release Notes

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 08:55

It is strongly recommended that you verify the generated sensor pattern with Microchip's "Capacitive Touch Sensor Design Guide".

The new Microchip Touch Sensor Integrated Library covers 21 different types of capacitive touch sensor design patterns, which include buttons, sliders, wheels, and 2D surfaces. The library is available to install in the form of a plugin through the Altium Designer® tool.

Supporting Altium Designer Versions: AD18 and Above

The following self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance sensors are supported for use in your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs:

  1. ButtonMutualFloodedX1
  2. ButtonMutualFloodedX2
  3. ButtonMutualInterdigited
  4. ButtonMutualLegacy
  5. ButtonSelf
  6. SliderMutualFloodedX
  7. SliderMutualInterleaved
  8. SliderMutualSmall:
  9. Sliderself
  10. Slider Self Interpolation
  11. SliderSelfLinear
  12. SurfaceDiamond
  13. SurfaceFlower
  14. SurfaceMutualInterleaved
  15. SurfaceMututalFloodedX
  16. WheelMutualMediumLarge
  17. WheelMutualMediumResistive
  18. WheelMutualSmall
  19. WheelSelfMedium
  20. WheelSelfMediumResistive
  21. WheelSelfSmall