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This page contains videos related to Microchip's Touch products and services. The first section extensively covers our MCU and turnkey touch solutions with demos, tutorials, live stream discussions, and promotional videos from Microchip News on YouTube.

Section two is dedicated to our maXTouch touchscreen controllers.

Most of the videos are in English with many of those also available in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Links are provided where translations are available. Some videos are exclusively in Chinese or Korean. 

MCU and Turnkey Touch


Steering Wheel - Capacitive Hands-Off Detection (HOD) - Touchpads & Buttons

A video demonstration of a Microchip automotive design: a steering wheel that can detect when the user's hands are on the wheel. The steering wheel also includes buttons and touchpads with 2D gestures for controlling things like speed control and the audio system. This video has no vocal narration, only music and text. However, the text is in Chinese only.

WFI32E Curiosity Board - Wi-Fi® Touch Demo with OLED Display (2021-5-5)

A demonstration of the power of the WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU Module on a curiosity board. The module performs touch sensing on two buttons and a slider and displays the results on an OLED display while simultaneously sending the touch data to a PC via Wi-Fi.

WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU’s Capacitive Touch Performance Speed and Competitive Comparison (2021-3-19)

This video shows the speed and responsiveness of the WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU and how it compares to other competitive solutions.

How the WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU’s Capacitive Touch performs under the presence of water – Water Tolerance (2021-3-19)

This video demonstrates how the WFI32’s capacitive touch performs with water present, and we compare it to the competition. Microchip’s proprietary circuit and touch library provide superior results.

How the WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU’s Capacitive Touch Performs in Conducted Noise Tolerance (2021-3-19)

This video shows the WFI32’s superior capacitive touch performance in conducted noise tolerance in real-time and how it compares to the competition. The experiment is conducted according to the IEC61000-4-6 level 3 standard.

How the WFI32 Wi-Fi MCU’s Capacitive Touch Performs in Radiated Noise Tolerance (2021-3-19)

This video shows how the WFI32 provides robust capacitive touch performance in radiated noise compared to the competition. The experiment uses a CFL lightbulb to radiate noise into the system, simulating the IECEN61000-4-3 standard's conditions.

Motion Gestures Touch Demo (2020-9-15)

This demo showcases Motion Gestures' embedded AI solution for touch gesture recognition. The demo runs on the SAMC21 Xplained PRO demo board with a QT8 Xplained PRO Water Tolerant 2D Touch Surface attached.

Robust Touch Demo - CES 2020

A real-time demo of Microchip's robust touch solution on an 8-bit PIC microcontroller. The video demonstrates the difference between touch detection with and without our filtering library in radiated and conducted noise environments.


Single-Chip Graphics Solution - CES 2020

Reducing chip count means reducing costs. Our single-chip touch and graphics solution for TFT touch screens has rich graphics and display touch control driven by a single MCU (SAM D5x/E5x). In this demo, the single SAMD51 MCU is running the application, graphics display and touch screen all at the same time.

자동차 도어 핸들 터치 솔루션 (2019-11-11)
(Car Door Handle Touch Solution)

Microchip's car door handle touch solution is a proven solution being used by major automotive OEMs like Honda. The design contains robust features like active noise filtering, support for gloves (leather, wool, cotton), and water resistance.

Video is in Korean with English subtitles.

触摸课程介绍 (2019-9-28)
(MASTERs 2019 - TNG2, TNG34)

Highlights from the TNG2 and TNG34 classes taught at China MASTERs in 2019. Video is in Chinese with no English translation.

Microchip 2D 터치패드 솔루션 (2019-8-10)
(2D Touch)

Video demonstrates Microchip's 2D touch solution. The 2D Touch Library and 2D Touch Surface Tool are used with the Water Tolerant Touch Surface demo board to demonstrate a headphone control. Video is in Korean only.


자동차용 CAN/LIN 기반 Microchip 터치 솔루션 (2019-8-10) (SAMC21+QT1 CAN/LIN)

Korean video demonstrating automotive capabilities with SAMDA1 and SAMC21 MCUs performing touch sensing with LIN and CAN communications respectively.

Microchip 터치스크린 컨트롤러 제품군 알아보기 (2019-3-27) (Capacitive Sensing Overview)

Korean video overview of capacitive touchscreen operation including comparison of self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance systems.

SAML10/L11 Driven Shield Plus (2018-6-20)

A quick overview of SAM L10/L11’s Enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) implementing Driven Shield Plus feature to showcase water tolerant touch.

BSW 정전용량식 터치 솔루션 알아보기 (2017-8-2)
(Button Slider Wheel)

Korean video detailing Microchip's 1D touch solutions for buttons, sliders, and wheels. The video discusses both turnkey and microcontroller-based solutions and the tools for designing with both.

Capacitive Touch Sensing on AVR Devices (PTC) (2017-5-4)

This introduction video for AVR’s Peripheral Touch Controller, or PTC, gives an overview of capacitive touch sensing using the PTC as the example module. Learn the different benefits of self-capacitance and mutual-capacitance buttons and when to use each type. AVR’s PTC supports both binary buttons or buttons that turn On and Off, as well as Interpolated sensors like touch sliders and touch wheels.

Touch and Gesture Solutions Demo - CES 2017

Microchip is the #1 provider in touch! CES 2017 underlines this status with innovations in touch. Water tolerant touch, touch for automotive, cost-down solutions for car door handles and LIN communication, industry-leading maXTouch solutions, glove support, stylus support, and 3D gestures on displays… just to name a few.

Touch and Input Sensing Solutions - MASTERs 2016

Microchip's award-winning technologies cover a broad range of implementations for touch and gesture-controlled applications. Our solutions for 1D, 2D, and 3D applications serve the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. The video was taken at the 'Ask the Experts' booth at MASTERs 2016.

MTCH10x Direct Button Replacement Demo (2016-1-11)

This video demonstrates the ease of replacing a mechanical button with a capacitive touch button using Micorchip's MTCH10x turnkey touch devices.

Touch and Input Sensing Solution Demo - CES 2015

Our latest innovations for touch and input sensing on display at CES 2015 include the world's first completely waterproof solution for touch sensing over metal applications and single-chip 3D gesture sensing solutions which allow you to access content and control devices using just a wave of a hand.

Microchip Touch and Input Sensing Solutions (2014-12-1)

Microchip's award-winning technology enables the next generation of user input sensing for a broad range of applications. We give engineers the freedom to innovate with an industry-leading, robust, touch implementation on our vast range of PIC microcontrollers. Engineers get the benefit of an ever expanding product portfolio that delivers various performance levels, peripheral mixes, eXtreme Low Power (XLP), small packaging, and unique technologies such as Metal over Capacitive and Three-dimensional position and Gesture sensing.

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How to Implement Touch with a PIC® (2019-10-19)

This video will show how to reuse an existing MPLAB® Xpress example and reconfigure it using MPLAB X IDE and MCC to work with a different device.


How to Implement Touch with an AVR® (2018-11-19)

This video will demonstrate how to use the QTouch® library inside of Atmel START to program capacitive touch on an AVR microcontroller.


2D Touch Surface: Hardware and Goals (2018-11-5)

Video 1 of 3 introduces the hardware and software required for developing the 2D Touch Surface demo detailed in the next 2 videos.


2D Touch Surface: Code Configuration (2018-11-5)

Video 2 of 3 shows how to use the Start Code Configuration tool to generate code for the 2D Touch Surface demo.


2D Touch Surface: Performance and Visualization (2018-11-5)

Video 3 of 3 shows how to use the 2D Touch Surface Utility to view the performance of the 2D Touch Surface demo.


How to Program QTouch Moisture Demonstrator (2017-5-4)

Learn how to program Microchip’s Qtouch Moisture Demonstrator Board on the attiny817 in this step-by-step tutorial! Get started quickly with this easy walkthrough using the Qtouch composer library and modules in Atmel Start.


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Coffee Break - Ease of Use for Touch with Code Configurators (2020-8-26)

From idea to first prototype – the timing can be the difference between a game-changing product introduction and just another me too offering. Microchip's code configurators (MCC, Harmony3, and START) are the accelerators to get your vision realized in no time – also for capacitive touch buttons, sliders, wheels, and even touchpads. As time is money the touch DevKit landscape of Microchip further nurtures your need for speed. We will provide an overview and best of all – everything is available as video tutorials or step-by-step guides

IoT Design Week Day 2 - ML and AI (2020-3-10)

Livestream from Microchip's IoT Design Week Day 2 - morning session. The segment includes a discussion with Kashif Kahn, CEO of Motion Gestures, about AI's role in IoT designs in general, and Motion Gestures' AI-based gesture recognition software libraries in particular.

How to Get Started with Capacitive Touch (2019-11-20)

In this livestream, our team will show you how easy it is to get your first capacitive touch screen project off the ground. We’ll begin with a brief discussion on capacitive touch technology and why it is key to selling products both today and in the future. Next, we’ll demonstrate how to build a capacitive touch screen with a trackpad demo and show you how quickly our tools will configure your code. 

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Microchip News

2D Touch Surface Library Adds Touch Without Adding Cost (2018-7-18)

Cheaply and easily implement low-power touch pads with surface gestures using Microchip’s new 2D Touch Surface software library.

Add Touch or Proximity Sensing with MTCH10x Family (2016-6-10)

Microchip’s new mTouch® sensing controllers make it easy to replace mechanical buttons with capacitive touch in cost-sensitive, low-power applications.

Integrated 2D PCAP and 3D Gestures on Displays (2016-6-10)

Microchip announces the industry’s first development kit for integrated 2D projected capacitive touch (PCAP) and 3D gestures on displays: DV102014 - PCAP with 3D Gest IC(R) Sensing Development Kit.

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Multi-Touch Screens


Automotive Center Conlsole Demonstration - CES 2020

Automotive center console demo featuring Microchip's innovative maXTouch Knob-on-Display and ultra-wide technologies from CES 2020. This approach allows OEMs to add additional features and functions to the vehicle touchscreen while helping improve vehicle safety by reducing driver distraction. The demo also features support for ultra-wide aspect ratio touchscreens as well as Display-on-Knob touchscreen technology.

ELO Touch Industrial 21.5" Touchscreen Monitor with Thick Multi-Finger Gloves - CES 2020

Demonstration from CES 2020 of a large industrial touchscreen monitor from module partner, ELO Touch. The monitor features the new maXTouch mXT2952TD with patented technology from Microchip enabling the use of thick work or ski gloves with multi-touch even through almost 8 mm of glass.

Home Appliance Knob-on-Display Touchscreen - CES 2020

See how our maXTouch technology-based Knob-on-Display (KoD) functionality can be used to create cutting-edge home appliance user interfaces. This interface blends the tactile feedback of a traditional knob with a modern interactive display to enable local control of smart home appliances.

Juniper Systems maXTouch Small Tip Passive Stylus Demonstration - CES 2020

Juniper Systems Mesa 2 rugged tablet lets you take your work anywhere. The 7" touchscreen works with a very small tip passive stylus thanks to the extreme signal-to-noise ratio performance of our maXTouch touchscreen controllers.

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