Amplifiers and Linear ICs

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Learn about Microchip's Amplifiers and Linear ICs

The training available on the Developer Help site offers comprehensive coverage of amplifiers and linear products, equipping developers with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and optimize these critical components. The training material delves into the fundamental principles of amplifier operation, including concepts such as gain, bandwidth, and distortion. It explores various amplifier topologies, such as operational amplifiers (op-amps), differential amplifiers, and power amplifiers, while elucidating their applications and trade-offs. Additionally, the training encompasses a detailed examination of linear products, encompassing voltage regulators, voltage references, and audio amplifiers, among others. Developers can expect to gain a deep understanding of the design considerations, performance metrics, and best practices related to amplifiers and linear products, enabling them to develop robust and efficient systems for a wide range of applications.

Comparator ICs

A highly flexible portfolio that includes devices with integrated references, multiple output configurations and windowed comparators.

Current Sense Amplifier ICs

Flexible, high-precision solutions with a zero-drift architecture for robust operation in a variety of environmental conditions and applications.

Instrumentation Amplifier ICs

Microchip's instrumentation amplifiers offer single supply operations with rail-to-rail input and output performance. MCP6N16 offers low offset drift, superior CMRR and PSRR. Each device has EMI filters at the input pins, providing superior EMI rejection.

Operational Amplifier ICs

Microchip's op amps offer a wide range of products from general purpose amplifiers to precision amplifiers with low offset and wide temperature ranges.

Programmable Gain Amplifier ICs

Microchip’s Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) come with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and up to eight multiplexed input channels. The PGAs' gain can be digitally selected using a microcontroller with an internal register that allows the user to select gains, channels and shut down the device.

Power Monitor ICs

Microchip's power monitoring devices offer high-accuracy measurement with single-phase and poly-phase solutions.

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