Instrumentation Amplifier Applications

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Microchip Instrumentation Amplifier with mCAL Technology

The MCP6N11 and MCP6V2x Wheatstone Bridge Reference Design demo on the right shows the performance of Microchip's MCP6N11 instrumentation amplifier (INA) and a traditional three op-amp INA using Microchip's MCP6V26 and MCP6V27 auto-zeroed op-amps. The input signal comes from a Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD) sensor in a Wheatstone bridge. Real-world interference is added to the bridge's output, to provide realistic performance comparisons. Data is gathered and displayed on a PC, for ease of use. The USB PICmicro® microcontroller and included Graphical User Interface (GUI) provide the means to configure the board and collect sample data.

MCP6N11 Applications (Simplified Chinese)