Gain Bandwidth Product

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The Gain Bandwidth Product (GBWP) of an amplifier is the product of the amplifier open-loop gain times the frequency at any point in the frequency range where the amplifier's response is attenuating at a rate of -20 dB per decade of frequency. And GBWP keeps constant where the slope is -20 dB/decade. GBWP is used to estimate the bandwidth when the gain is known. The accompanying picture demonstrates the -20 dB/decade decay as well as the -3 dB point.

Open loop gain graph

Open loop gain chart

  • The GBWP applies to voltage feedback op-amps only. For the current feedback amplifiers, the GBWP is not constant and is less than 20 dB/decade.
  • The bandwidth at the maximum output swing is called the Full Power Bandwidth (fFPBW). It is limited by the

Slew Rate (SR) for the amplifiers.