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Active Filters Simulation Examples Download

The following active filter circuit examples use cascaded amplifier stages that are configured for first or second-order filter sections. The filter amplifiers operate in a single supply configuration, and the example circuit includes a Vs/2 buffer for common-mode biasing where necessary. While the circuits feature the MCP6001, a 1 MHz general purpose op amp, you can easily modify the circuit by replacing the MCP6001 with other available op amp models included in the library.

Active filter demo board kit: MCP6XXXDM-FLTR

8th Order Bandpass ButterworthBandpass Butterworth-8th.zip
8th Order Bandpass ChebyshevBandpass Chebyshev-8th.zip
5th Order Highpass ButterworthHighpass Butterworth-5th.zip
4th Order Highpass ChebyshevHighpass Chebyshev-4th.zip
5th Order Lowpass BesselLowpass Bessel-5th.zip
5th Order Lowpass ButterworthLowpass Butterworth-5th.zip
5th Order Lowpass ChebyshevLowpass Chebyshev-5th.zip

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