MCP39FXX Power Monitors

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Microchip’s energy measurement and power monitoring products enable accurate measurement of energy for electricity metering and power monitoring applications. The MCP39FXX offers on-chip power calculations and high-end Analog-Front-Ends (AFEs) for high-accuracy measurement. The accompanying firmware performs the power calculations on our PIC® Microcontrollers (MCUs).

Inputs1 Voltage, 2 Currents1 Voltage, 1 Current1 Voltage, 1 Current1 Voltage, 1 Current
Event Monitoring6458
Zero-Crossing Detection-
PWM Output--
Min./Max. Values-
Multiple Device on Bus--
InterfaceUART: SelectableI2C 400 kHzUART: SelectableUART: 4.8 kbps
Single-Wire Output--