Power Monitoring Applications

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Power monitoring applications include switch mode power supplies and power distribution, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), smart plugs, appliances, lighting systems, and power meters, among others. An emerging market is the home monitoring system market including such players as Homekit™ by Apple®, Nest® by Google, and other IoT environments.

Other power monitoring:

  • Industrial power meters and power quality monitoring
  • LED Lighting: Commercial lighting, street lighting, and smart lighting
  • Commercial and industrial equipment

Power monitoring devices that are suitable for these applications require the capability of monitoring multiple loads or monitoring the neutral line. Other requirements include:

  • High integration and built-in calculations
    • Active, reactive, and apparent power
    • Active and reactive energy accumulation
    • Power factor correction
    • True Root-Mean-Square (RMS) current, RMS voltage
    • Line frequency
  • Reduces the number of Integrated Circuits (ICs) required to monitor multiple currents
  • Minimizes firmware development

These benefits enable higher-performing products, reduce calibration requirements, system costs and design time, and facilitate adding power monitoring to a wide range of applications.

MCP39F511N Dual-Channel, Single-Phase Power-Monitoring IC

The MCP39F511N is a highly integrated, complete, dual-channel single-phase power-monitoring IC designed for real-time measurement of input power for dual-socket wall outlets, power strips, consumer and industrial applications.

MCP39F511N-QFN-28 image

Key Features:

  • Power Monitoring of Two Loads
  • Capable of 0.5 percent error across 4000:1 dynamic range
  • Built-In Calculations:
    • Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power
    • Active and Reactive Energy Accumulation
    • True RMS Current, RMS Voltage
    • Line Frequency, Power Factor
  • Dedicated Zero-Crossing Detection (ZCD) Pin
  • Dedicated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Output Pin
  • Automatic Event Pin Control through Fast Voltage Surge Detection
  • Fast Calibration Routines
  • 2-wire Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART): Selectable Baud rate up to 115.2 kbps
  • 512-byte user-accessible EEPROM through page read/write commands
  • Low-Drift Internal Voltage Reference: 10 ppm/°C typical
  • 28-lead 5x5 Quad Flat No Leads (QFN) package
  • Extended Temperature Range -40 °C to +125 °C


  • Customer support with firmware and hardware expertise
  • Custom options for an optimal solution (communication protocols, calibration constants)

MCP39F511N Power Monitor Demo Board (Part Number: ADM00667):

  • Displays power information and communication using PC software
  • Easy MCP39F511N configuration and calibration with PC GUI
  • Connection for two loads
  • 120V and 220V operation

power monitor demo board

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