Troubleshooting Energy Management Utility Software

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The most common issue you will face when using the Microchip Energy Management Utility Software is that the board is not recognized by the software. The following steps will help to troubleshoot the problems.

Disconnect and reconnect the board

Disconnect the USB cable from the evaluation board. 

If the software is currently running, disconnect from the board by clicking on the Operation menu and then selecting Disconnect.

Wait for about 30 seconds - this provides time for the OS to release the port; reconnect the USB cable to the board.
Start the software (if you have not already done so). View the attached boards by clicking the Attached Boards List menu at the top right-hand corner of the application.
Select and click the board to which you want to connect.

Microchip Analog Front End (AFE) products:

Restart the software
Leave the board connected to the host.
Exit out of the application.
Start the application again.
If the board is still not recognized, continue to Step 3.
Make sure that the board has enumerated properly by checking the Device Manager

It should show up as a USB Serial Port under the Ports (COM & LPT). If this entry is not present, there is a problem enumerating the device. Unplug the device, wait for a few moments (typically 30 seconds), and then plug the device back into the PC via its USB cable. If the device is still not showing up in Device Manager, try to reinstall the application by running the installer again. This will ensure that the correct driver is installed on the PC.

USB Ports in Window Manager

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