PIC32MZ Change Cache Policy

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:01

Install directory

The MPLAB® XC32 C compiler provides an easy-to-use cache configuration file, pic32_init_cache.S. If you copy this file into your local project directory it will override the default runtime setup code used to initialize the cache. The default runtime setup code initializes the cache policy to write-back with write allocation.

You can find the pic32_init_cache.S file in the …xc32/vx.xx/pic32-libs/libpic32/stubs XC32 install directory.

/* Cache Coherency Attributes */
#define _CACHE_DISABLE                      2

/* Set __PIC32_CACHE_MODE to the desired coherency attribute */
#define __PIC32_CACHE_MODE      _CACHE_WRITEBACK_WRITEALLOCATE    //default runtime setup policy

__PIC32_CACHE_MODE is used to define the KSEG0 cache coherency algorithm bits (K0<2:0>) found in the PIC32MZ’s CONFIG register. Please refer to the device data sheet for details.