SAMD1x/2x MCU Family Reference

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This page connects you with all the information you need to evaluate and design with Microchip's 32-bit SAMD1x/2x families of microcontrollers.

Family Overview

SAM D10 
SAM D10 microcontroller is the smaller member of this family with serial interfaces, timers, analog comparators, and a Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC).
SAM D11 adds a full-speed USB device.
- Arm® Cortex® -M0+ core @ 48 MHz
- Lowest cost
- Low power and USB (SAMD11)
SAM D20 adds memory and peripherals to the SAMD1x family.
SAM D21 adds a full-speed host and device USB, DMA, and timer counter for control.
- Arm Cortex -M0+ core @ 48 MHz
- Lowest cost
- Low power and USB (SAMD21)
SAM D21 LSAM D21 L adds peripherals specialized for motor control.
- Arm Cortex -M0+ core @ 48 MHz
- Lowest cost
- Motor control (SAMD21 L)
SAM DA1SAM DA1 has been qualified for automotive applications per AEC-Q100 grade 1.
- Arm Cortex -M0+ core @ 48 MHz
- Low power and USB

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Family Specialty:

  • Lowest cost SAM microcontroller with low power and USB
  • Motor control

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