SAM L10 and SAM L11 MCUs Overview

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Microchip's SAM L10 and SAM L11 MCUs are the industry’s first and lowest power-consuming Arm® Cortex®-M23 MCU (less than 25 µA/MHz in Active mode and less than 100 nA in Sleep mode). These MCUs run at 32 MHz with a memory configuration of up to 64 KB Flash and 16 KB SRAM. They feature an enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller, ISO7816 Smart Card Interface, Event System, SleepWalking peripherals, and advanced analog. Both families of MCUs come in 24- and 32-pin package options and are targeted for use in IoT and security, low-power, capacitive touch, and general-purpose embedded control applications.

The SAML11 family builds on the SAML10 with extra security features: crypto engine (AES-128, SHA-256, and GCM), Arm TrustZone®, secure boot, an additional Memory Protection Unit, and data scrambling in Data Flash.  It is PSA Certified™ Level 1, which assures that the best embedded security practices have been implemented for IoT products.

The SAM L11-KPH adds a factory-provisioned root of trust key to provide the MCU with a secure identity that can be used for developing secure IoT applications. It includes Trustonic’s Kinibi-M™ solution and Secure Thingz’ Secure Deploy™ architecture.

For more detail on these devices please see the ATSAML10E16A and ATSAML11E16A product pages.

Differences between SAM L10, SAM L11 and SAM L11-KPH

Block diagram for SAM L10 and SAML11

Block diagram for SAM L10 and SAM L11

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