Using Libc's stdio to Send Formatted Strings

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/10 11:09


In this video:

  • Provide good community tutorials to understand how to use printf( )
    1. Use Standard IO streams in AVR® GCC
    2. Use printf with an AVR® MCU
  • Set up a 'file' and a 'stream', using FDEV_SETUP_STREAM
  • Copy our existing IRQ-based void USART0_Transmit( unsigned char data ) function, then modify the parameter types to match what FDEV_SETUP_STREAM expects to create int USART0_Transmit_IO( char data, FILE *steam ), in the process extending the functionality of our USART_irq driver.
  • Test our formatted string.
  • Add a loop counter to our formatted string, using Stanford's AVR Programming Wiki to check syntax.

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