8-bit PIC® MCU Baseline Instruction Set

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:02

This applies to the PIC10F2xx, PIC12C5xx, PIC12F5xx, PIC16C5xx, and PIC16F5xx families.

Byte Operations

Bit Operations

Literal Control


  1. The 9th bit of the program counter will be forced to a ‘0’ by any instruction that writes to the PC except for GOTO (see Section 3.5 “Program Counter” for more on program counter).
  2. When an I/O register is modified as a function of itself (e.g., MOVF PORTB, 1), the value used will be that value present on the pins themselves. For example, if the data latch is ‘1’ for a pin configured as input andis driven low by an external device, the data will be written back with a ‘0’.
  3. The instruction TRIS f, where f = 5, 6 or 7 causes the contents of the W register to be written to the tri-state latches of PORTA, B or C, respectively. A ‘1’ forces the pin to a high-impedance state and disables the output buffers.
  4. If this instruction is executed on the TMR0 register (and, where applicable, d = 1), the prescaler will be cleared (if assigned to TMR0)

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