dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/02/07 10:17

dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) deliver high performance, flexible peripherals, and a complete ecosystem of software and hardware tools to simplify your development and speed up your time to market. These devices feature specialized peripherals for high-performance and robust designs, advanced sensing and control, motor control, digital power conversion, touch, embedded security, and functional safety to meet the specific requirements of your application.

dsPIC33 DSCs add Digital Signal Processor (DSP) performance for embedded applications requiring time-critical response while offering the simplicity of a microcontroller (MCU). Offering single-cycle execution, deterministic interrupt response, zero overhead looping, and fast DMA, this family also adds a single-cycle 16 × 16 MAC and 40-bit accumulators, making it an excellent option for math-intensive, high-performance and robust motor control, digital power, functional safety, and security designs.

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