MCP9601 Thermocouple EMF to Temperature Converter

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What Is a Thermocouple?​

  • Two dissimilar metals joined at one end​
  • Generates very small voltage that is used to calculate the temperature at the “HOT” junction​
  • Generally used in harsh and extreme temperature environments
  • Many standard Thermocouple types: K, J, T, N, S, E, B, and R​

Thermocouple Diagram

MCP9601 thermocouple EMF to degree Celsius converter IC

What Is MCP9601?

MCP960X/L0X/RL0X converts thermocouple Electromotive Force (EMF) to degree Celsius with integrated cold-junction compensation. The temperature correction coefficients are derived from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ITS-90 Thermocouple Database. The MCP9600/01 corrects the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics of eight thermocouple types and outputs ±0.5°C/±1.5°C (Typ./Max.).

MCP9601 Block Diagram

MCP9601 Block Diagram

Features and Benefits of MCP9601 Thermocouple EMF to Degree Celsius Converter

  • Fully integrated thermocouple EMF to °C Converter​:
    • Simplifies design, reduces development time, and lowers overall system cost​
  • Integrated thermocouple open-circuit and short-circuit detection​
  • An Alert signal is asserted when:​
    • The thermocouple wire is broken or disconnected​
    • The thermocouple is shorted to ground or power​
  • Temperature Data Digital Filter​:
    • Minimizes effects of system noise and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)​
  • Shutdown modes​:
    • Reduces overall system power consumption​
  • Four User-programmable Temperature Alert outputs​:
    • Reduces microcontroller overhead, reduces code space, simplifies design, and enhances product performance​
  • Package: 20-lead MQFN (5mmx5mm)​
    • Reduces board space and lowers manufacturing cost​

MCP9601 Application Example (Convection Oven Temp sensing)

MCP9601 Application Example