Remote Diode Temp Sensor

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What Is A Remote Diode Temperature Sensor?​

A Remote Diode Temperature Sensor implements an external “diode” to measure temperature.

Remote Diode Temperature Sensor Applications

  • Common in desktop, laptop, and servers
  • Automotive infotainment​
  • Gaming consoles​
  • Refrigeration​
  • Medical equipment​
  • Thermistor replacement

Block Diagram of a Typical Temperature Sensing System

Block diagram typical temp sensing system

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Diode Thermometry ​

Temperature can be derived from two voltage measurements at two different forward currents.

Diode Thermometry

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Diode Measurement​:

Diode Measurement EMC1833
357 Ω resistor from Diode Anode (DP) to Diode Cathode (DN).

diode measurement

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Minimizing Form Factor​

Many applications require a multi-zone temperature measurement.

  • Tablets​
  • Laptops​
  • Gaming ​
  • Cell phones​
  • AI​
  • Networking

minizing form factor

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