Other MQTT Tools

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:03

MQTT Explorer

To have a client in your localhost, you can download MQTT Explorer. It keeps a record of sent messages in a tidier manner than the command prompt. You can publish from there easier than from a command prompt and it catches every message without subscribing.

For this tutorial, we recommend MQTT Explorer over the MyMQTT app.

To download, go to the GitHub page for MQTT Explorer and select MQTT-Explorer-Setup-0.3.5.exe. Execute that file to install it.

After being able to configure MyMQTT, you should be more than capable of configuring MQTT Explorer!


This tool is for capturing packages in your Wi-Fi®. It provides another in-depth way of seeing what is happening on MQTT connections. It is useful if you want to learn what packets are sent,  how those packages are formatted, what protocols are involved, and how those protocols work.

Download Wireshark®.