BM70 BLE Connection States

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The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Link Layer on the BM70 operates in a variety of states that are analogous to those described in the standard. This page provides an overview of these connection states. It will help you better understand the device datasheet electrical specifications.

BLE Connection Phases

In a BLE connection establishment, both hosts run through a sequence of basic connection phases, as shown in the diagram:

Basic connection phases

Connection PhaseOverview
Standby/IdleNo connection
DiscoverySlave (Advertiser) sends ADV packets and is discoverable
ConnectingMaster (Initiator) selects a device to connect to
ConnectedMaster/Slave exchange data packets at regular intervals

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BLE Link Layer States

These connection phases correspond to Link Layer states as defined in the Bluetooth standard:

BLE Link Layer states

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BM70 Link Layer States

BM70 defines its own Link Layer operating states that are analogous to those defined above:

BM70 Link Layer operating states

BM70 LL StateCorresponds ToConnection Phase
Shutdown-Lowest Power mode (BM70 is shutdown)
IdleStandbyNo connection

BM70 defines different labels for some of the basic BLE Link Layer states. This page outlines these differences and will help you better understand the electrical specifications in the device datasheet.

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