Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA)

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:09

Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) technology from Microchip combines the power and performance of an analog-based controller with the flexibility of a digital interface, offering an industry-leading level of configurability. DEPA technology allows the user to configure many operating parameters on-the-fly, including output voltage, current limit, Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO), MOSFET drive, and compensation, providing maximum flexibility.

DEPA Features

  • Fast transient response analog control loop
  • Integrated 8-bit PIC® MCU provides significant configurability
  • PMBus™/I²C™ communication interface
  • Integrated MOSFET drivers, current sense, and adjustable compensation
  • MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) support: configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI)

DEPA Target Applications

DEPA Product Family

DeviceTopologiesIntegrated DriverDriver Strength (Source/Sink Current)Integrated PIC®MCUFlash (KB)RAM (bytes)PinsPackage
MCP19110BuckYes2/4Yes8256244x4mm QFN
MCP19111BuckYes2/4Yes8256285x5mm QFN
MCP19114Boost, Flyback, SEPIC, CukYes1/1Yes8256244x4mm QFN
MCP19115Boost, Flyback, SEPIC, CukYes1/1Yes8256285x5mm QFN