Level 1 Intelligent ON OFF Control

Last modified by Microchip on 2024/01/16 20:02

At Level 1, the electronic intelligence augments a standard analog-based design. The intelligence provides limited on/off control functions such as start-up sequencing, automatic shutdown, and watchdog fault detection functions. More sophisticated solutions can provide logging functions for later failure analysis, remote communication, and customized thermal control algorithms. With Level 1 intelligence, a designer can ensure that the power supply has a deterministic response to system fault events.
Level 1 ON/OFFThe accompanying figure shows an example of Level 1 integration. The solutions at this level benefit from Microchip’s BaselineMid-Range MCUs, and analog products, such as temperature sensors, and power management products. This makes it easy to design your existing analog power supply without major hardware modifications and few software changes. Microchip’s PIC10F and PIC12F 8-bit low pin count and small package microcontrollers with built-in peripherals, such as ADC, PWM, and GPIOs, can make the existing analog power supplies intelligent by controlling the output sequencing, and monitoring of input/output voltage, current and temperature.

Level 1 ON/OFF Example