Digital Control Techniques for Power Converters using dsPIC® DSC

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buck boost converter pictail

This self-paced module investigates some standard control techniques used in power converter designs. A review of the dsPIC® DSC device architecture, the basic theory of Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers (PID), and the implementation of a PID controller in a dsPIC DSC is covered. This module also covers the buck converter on the PICtail™ Buck Boost Board using Voltage mode, Average Current mode, and Peak Current Mode Control (PCMC) loops. Soft start and sequencing, which manage the switching transients of the converter outputs, are also described. The code and execution flow as well as control techniques for each of these modes are analyzed and practiced with downloadable exercises. The class ends with a brief summary of support tools, code examples, and application notes.

After This Module, You Will Be Able To:

  • Design a Voltage Mode Control loop in a dsPIC DSC.
    • Implement a PID controller in the dsPIC DSC.
    • Implement fully programmable soft-start and sequencing.
  • Design a PCMC loop in a dsPIC DSC.
  • Design an Average Current Mode Control loop in a dsPIC DSC.

Prerequisites:  Digital Power Converter Basics using dsPIC33 DSC.


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