Motor and MOSFET Drivers

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Motor drivers and MOSFET drivers address a wide range of applications, including appliances, automotive, power tools, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and others. Microchip offers three families of driver solutions: fully integrated, companion, and discrete gate drivers. Singles, duals, and quads with voltage capability from 6V to 600V and current drive capability from 500 mA to 12A are available and offer valuable features including enable pins; inverting, non-inverting, and complementary outputs; anti-shoot through; and adaptive dead-time technology.

Full Integrated Solutions

Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

  • 10V to 40V
  • 750 mA output
  • Drive both windings of stepper motors

Three-Phase Motor Drivers

  • 2V to 14V
  • 800 mA to 1.5A output
  • 180° sinusoidal drive

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Companion Solutions

Three-Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Gate Drivers

  • 6V to 28V
  • Load dump protection
  • Integrated op amps
  • Integrated Direct Current (DC)/DC regulators
  • Over-current protection

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Discrete Solutions

MOSFET Drivers

  • 5V to 600V
  • 0.5A to 12A
  • Anti-shoot-through
  • Adaptive dead-time
  • Enable pins

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