Buck Power Supply Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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The Buck Power Supply Graphical User Interface (GUI) plugin is a stand-alone, hybrid (analog and digital), synchronous buck Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller for Point of Load (POL) applications for MCP19110/11/18/19 hybrid controllers.

MPLAB X IDE MCP19110 Plug-in window

It offers the ability to adjust many key attributes of the analog PWM controller’s operation. At first, it may seem that adjusting and configuring the product performance and feature set can be a challenge; it was with this in mind that the MCP19110/11/18/19 MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plugin was developed.

This GUI simplifies the configuration of the controller and power conversion system and enables users to get to solutions faster. The GUI is used within MPLAB X IDE. No prior knowledge of MPLAB X IDE is required but as you become more familiar with Microchip's software tools and devices, MPLAB X IDE offers a path to support more advanced control algorithms and configurations. The following explains how to install and use the plugin. The figure shows a general system diagram demonstrating how the GUI, MCP19111, PICkit™ 3 in-circuit debugger, and MPLAB X IDE work together.

buck GUI system chart

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