MCP16311/2 Design Analyzer Design Example

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Here, we present a design example using the MCP16311/2 Design Analyzer with the following input parameters:

Input Parameters

System ParameterDesignatorSuggested ValuesUnitsNotes
Input VoltageE24V4.0 V ≤ E ≤ 30.0 V
Output VoltageU2V2.0 V ≤ U ≤ 24.0 V
Output CurrentIO800mA0 mA ≤ IO ≤ 1,000 mA
Ambient TemperatureTA25°C-40°C ≤ TA ≤ 125 °C
Package TypePkgMSOP  

Based on these input parameters, the Design Analyzer calculates the recommended values of the external components for both the power train and the feedback loop. At this point, you can fine-tune the component values to get more precise results.

System and Compensation Components

 DesignatorSuggested ValuesAdjusted ValuesUnits
System Components
Inductance DCRLDCR10080
Output CapacitorCOUT2022µF
Output Capacitor ESRCESR510
Compensation Components
Top Feedback ResistorRTOP15.015.0
Bottom Feedback ResistorRBOT10.010.0
External Zero CapacitorCZ033pF

Stability Analysis Summary

Crossover Frequency48,00040,000Hz
Phase Margin42.252.1Degrees
Gain Margin16.917.7dB
On-Chip Temperature105 °C

In the blue cells, the stability analysis summary (for both the suggested value and the adjustable value) is displayed.

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