USB Speeds and Specifications

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USB products are classified by speed rather than just the specification number. Referring to a product as being compliant with a particular version of USB, while accurate, may not provide the information needed to be communicated.

The USB Implementers Forum has approved several specifications for USB, which are all numbered. Most of the specifications have included a new signaling speed. USB specifications also state that speeds from the previous version are to be included. For example, USB 2.0 introduces high-speed USB, but also provides for low- and full-speed USB, first defined in USB 1.0, to be part of the specification. Stating that a product is "a USB 2.0 device" does not inform as to the actual transfer speeds implemented.

Commonly Used USB Specifications

SpecificationNew FeatureMaximum Speed
USB 1.1Low-Speed
1.5 Mbits/sec
12 Mbits/sec
USB 2.0High-Speed480 Mbits/sec
USB 3.0SuperSpeed5 Gbits/sec
USB 3.1SuperSpeed Plus10 Gbits/sec

Power Distribution and New Connector Specifications

SpecificationNew FeatureMaximum
Type-C®New connector5V 3ACan work in conjunction with Power Delivery 2.0
Battery Charging 1.2 5V 1.5A 
Power Delivery 2.0Higher Power100WUses CC pin on Type-C connector for
communications protocol.
Host Supplied Power Options 5V up to 0.9AUSB 2.0 offers 500 mA, 3.0 offers 900 mA

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