Pipeline ADC Utility Software Installation

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The Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Utility software was designed to support Microchip pipelined ADC devices. This tool can be used during evaluation, development, and/or production. As of March 2016, the following evaluation boards are supported by this software:

  • ADM00436
  • ADM00437
  • ADM00438
  • ADM00459
  • ADM00505
  • ADM00506
  • ADM00619
  • ADM00652

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Application Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:Microsoft Windows OS (XP SP3 or later)
Admin Privileges Required?For installation only
Other Requirements*:MCR (MATLAB Compiler Runtime 2013a)

*All dependencies are checked for during the installation and will be installed if they are needed.

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After downloading the Pipeline ADC Utility software, unzip the file which contains:

  • Pipeline ADC Utility User Manual
  • Pipeline ADC Utility Windows installer file
  • Release notes

Open PipelineAdcUtility-v1.2.3-windows-installer.exe, you will be prompted by the pop-up window below if you haven't yet installed the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. Click Yes.


MATLAB Compiler Runtime installation process starts.


c  .PNG

Click Next.


Review agreement. If agreed, select Yes. Click Next.


Click Install.


Click Finish.


When the Pipeline ADC Utility install window shows up, click Next.


Review agreement. If agreed, select I accept the agreement and click Next.


Click Finish.


The installation is complete. After successfully installing the Pipeline ADC Utility software, you will have a Start menu entry in the Microchip folder labeled Pipeline ADC Utility as shown in the accompanying image. A desktop shortcut will also be created for convenience.


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