dsPIC33CH Architecture Overview

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dsPIC33CH Features

  • Dual Independent Cores
    • Main Core intended for communications and supervisory control
    • Secondary Core intended for time-critical control applications such as SMPS or motor control
  • Each core has its own peripheral set
  • Inter-core communications through low-latency¬†mailboxes
  • Configurable cross-core fault and interrupt signals
  • Reconfigurable pins through Microchip's Peripheral Pin Select

dsPIC33CH Architecture Overview

Programming Considerations

An application is written for each core. Both applications are combined by the IDE into one HEX file and programmed into the device's flash program memory. At start-up, before the user application runs, the compiler-inserted start-up code copies the secondary application from the program flash to the high-speed PRAM for execution by the Secondary Core.