Importing dsPIC33CH Settings to the Slave Project in MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) Classic

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Fuses related to the Slave core are configured in the Master project and MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) facilitates exporting and importing these configuration details to the Slave project. Exporting the Slave settings from the Master project is explained in the "Exporting Slave Settings from Master Project in MCC Classic" page.

To import the settings, click on the Load Master Settings button. The settings are saved in the master_config.mc3 file, which resides in the Master project's directory. Select the file for import.

Upon Import:

  • All settings related to the Slave core configured in the Master project get updated to the Slave project.
  • The updated settings can be viewed by clicking on the Master core under the Device Resource area.

Load Master Settings dialog box

Conflicts while Importing

Any conflict that arises while importing the settings will be noted and it is up to you to resolve accordingly. For example, the ownership of pins RA0, and RA1 lies with the Master core, while the ownership of pins RA2, RA3, and RA4 has been assigned to the Slave core in the Master project. However, you used RA0, and RA1 in the Slave project. While importing the settings from the Master project, a pop-up appears indicating the conflicts in ownership for RA0, and RA1 since the configuration fuses relating to the ownership of these pins are assigned to the Master core. You can either choose to override the pin settings from the Master core or to retain it by rejecting the changes.

Pin conflicts from importing settings

If you override the pin settings, all the pins shown as conflicts will be deselected. However, if you ignore the warning, the pin settings will be retained and notifications will be displayed in the Notifications [MCC] tab.

MCC Notifications tab

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