Bluetooth Low Energy Products (Archived)

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The RN4020 is not recommended for new designs.

RN4020 Documentation and Examples

  • Operating Modes
    • How to set up basic communications between your PC and the RN4020.
    • How to enter Command mode
    • Commands that review the current configuration settings of the module
    • Commands that reset the module
  • Development Tools
    • RN4020 PICtail™ and PICtail Plus Board
    • MikroElectronika BLE2 Click boards™
  • MCU Interface
    • Provides a flexible MCU interface, which can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Power States
    • Operation in a variety of power states, depending upon the application requirements.
  • Application Examples
    • Explore Command Mode
    • Device Firmware Update (UART)
    • Device Firmware Update (OTA)
    • Smartphone Basic Demo