RN4020 Development Tools

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PICtail/PICtail Plus Board

The RN4020 PICtail/PICtail Plus Board (RN-4020-PICTAIL) is a Bluetooth® Low Energy demonstration board that showcases the Microchip RN4020 module, a fully-certified Bluetooth Version 4.1 low energy module for designers who want to easily add low power wireless capability to their products. This flexible development board includes the RN4020 paired with an eXtreme Low Power (XLP) PIC18F25K50 microcontroller.

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RN4020 PICtail™/PICtail Plus Board

More Detail

This convenient development board includes a USB to UART interface for plug-and-play capability. The high-speed UART interface and the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) ports are available on the RN4020 module to configure, control and transfer data. The RN-4020-PICtail also includes PICtail and PICtail Plus interfaces for connecting to Microchip development boards. The onboard PIC18 microcontroller can be custom programmed via the available PICkit serial programmer/debugger interface. The board also includes onboard connection and data status LEDs enabling rapid prototyping and fast time to market.

Key Features

  • Enables flexible development with the RN4020 BTLE Module
  • USB to UART Interface, to quickly get started
  • Connection and data status LEDs
  • PICtail and PICtail Plus interfaces for connection to Microchip development boards
  • eXtreme Low Power PIC18F25K50 MCU on-board
  • PICkit serial programmer/debugger interface
  • Multiple options for programming and experimentation

The PICtail Plus and PICtail interfaces enable connection to a variety of Microchip development boards, such as Explorer 16.

MikroElectronika BLE2 Click Board

The BLE2 Click Board is a Bluetooth Low Energy demonstration board that showcases the Microchip RN4020 module on a breadboard-friendly mikroBUS™ footprint.

BLE2 Click Board