BM70 Compact Demo Board User's Guide

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The BM70 Bluetooth® Low Energy module is designed for easy implementation into a broad range of applications. It delivers up to 2.5x throughput improvement and more secure connections vs. Bluetooth 4.1-based products. Developers can easily interface to the device via a standard UART interface, available on most Microcontrollers and Processors. 

The BM70 has a completely integrated Bluetooth software stack and offers a shielded regulatory-certified version with a built-in antenna. Developers are freed from the complexities of Bluetooth Software and RF development and can simply utilize the BM70 as a wireline replacement. Perfect for IoT (Internet of Things) applications, when interfaced with a BLE-enabled smartphone or Bluetooth Internet Gateway, applications can be monitored, controlled, and updated from anywhere in the world.

Follow the links below to access the Compact Demo Board User's Guide for more understanding of how to access the features of the BM70.


  1. Overview
  2. Interface Description
  3. Using BM70 Firmware on BM-70-CDB
  4. Using RN4870 Firmware on BM-70-CDB
  5. RN4870 Sensor Board


BM70 Module