MPLAB® Mindi™ Welcome Page

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:06

After MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator launches, the Welcome Page is shown (see Figure 1). There are several quick links for the following actions:

  • Create New/Open: Open or create a new schematic for SIMPLIS or SIMetrix from scratch.
  • Application Schematics: Browse existing application schematics by category.
  • Recent Schematics: Open recent schematics.
  • MPLAB MINDI Support: Get help or more application schematics from Microchip.

To launch the Mindi Analog Simulator, click Start in Windows® Start Menu. MPLAB Mindi 8.00 appears in the Start Menu. Click MPLAB Mindi 8.50.

mindi screen

​Figure 1

To reopen the Welcome Page, click View > Open Welcome Page.

mindi open welcome page

Figure 2

MPLAB Mindi File View

The existing directory structure contains the application schematics, which can also be displayed through the File View tab. You can easily navigate this directory structure to any schematic files.

mind file view

Figure 3

MPLAB Mindi Recent Schematics

The recently opened schematics can be found in the Recent Schematics pane (see Figure 4).

mindi recent schematic

Figure 4