MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator Hands On Workbook

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The MPLAB® Mindi Analog Simulator is a free, stand-alone simulator software that reduces circuit design time and design risk. It simulates analog circuits before hardware prototyping. The simulation tool uses a SIMetrix/SIMPLIS simulation environment with options to use SPICE or piecewise linear modeling to cover a wide set of possible simulation needs. This capable simulation interface is paired with proprietary model files from Microchip to model specific Microchip analog components in addition to generic circuit devices. Finally, this simulation tool installs and runs locally on the user’s PC. Once downloaded, no internet connection is required and the simulation run time is not dependent on a remotely located server. The result is fast, accurate analog circuit simulation.

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MPLAB Mindi Analog Simulator Features

  • Enables circuit design with Microchip’s analog products.
  • You can test ideas, changes, or trade-offs in simulation before creating hardware.
  • Problems can be found in simulation, saving time and effort from hardware fixes.
  • Hardware bugs can be compared to analog simulation results to help troubleshoot development problems.

MPLAB Mindi Analog Simulator Benefits

  • Run the simulation tool directly on your PC; no internet connection is required once installed.
  • Choose from SPICE or piecewise linear SIMPLIS models for accurate results in fast simulations.
  • Model a wide variety of analog systems using standard or Microchip proprietary component models.
  • Generate time or frequency domain responses for open and closed-loop systems.
  • Perform AC, DC, and transient analysis.
  • Use sweep modes to identify circuit sensitivities to device behaviors, load variations, or tolerances.
  • Validate system response, control, and stability.
  • Identify problems before building hardware.


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