Audio-Tone Generation Using a Lookup Table With MPLAB® Harmony v3: Step 1

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Create an MPLAB Harmony Project in MPLAB® X IDE

If you haven't already done this, create a folder under the MPLAB® Harmony installation to place this series of labs.
Navigate to the <Any directory of your choice>/apps folder and create the following folder structure: training/solutions/audio_player. The audio_player folder contains the source files and solutions for all the labs in this exercise.
Download all solution ZIP files using the links below and extract all the ZIP files to the training/solutions/audio_player folder. See "Lab Source Files and Solutions" for a description of the files and folders found in these ZIP files.

Navigate to the <Any directory of your choice>/apps/training/solutions folder and create these new folders dev/audio_player. You will develop all your labs under this folder. MPLAB X IDE will create a sub-folder named audio_player_lab1 under the dev/audio_player folder.

Start MPLAB X IDE and create a new project by selecting File > New Project.

In the Categories pane of the New Project dialog, select Microchip Embedded.

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In the Projects pane, select 32-bit MPLAB Harmony 3 Project and then click Next >.

projects pane

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Specify the following in the New Project dialog screens:

  • Project Location: <Any directory of your choice> indicates the path to the root folder of the new project. All project files will be placed inside this folder. The project location can be any valid path, for example, C:\microchip\harmony3\apps\training\middleware\dev\audio_player\audio_player_lab1
  • Enter Folder Name: "audio_player_lab1"
  • Enter Project Name: "audio_player_lab1"
  • Configuration Name: default
  • Target Device: PIC32MZ2048EFH144

framework selection
project settings
configuration settings

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After clicking the Finish button, the project will be created and opened. The MHC tool will launch and you will be prompted to select the packages to include for the current project.
configuration database setup

The required packages for this series of labs are displayed above. Click the Launch button to continue.

If you close the MHC window, you can re-open it again by clicking on Tools > Embedded > MPLAB Harmony 3 Configurator.

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