Audio-Tone Generation Using a Lookup Table With MPLAB® Harmony v3: Step 2

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:07

Select the Board Support Package

Click on the Project Graph tab to view the Harmony 3 configuration display.

Select PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit BSP from the Available Components window.

Board Support Packages in the Available Components tab

Note: If a BSP exists for your development board, you will want to use it. Choosing a BSP lets the MHC know about the hardware you will use for the project. With this knowledge, the MHC can automatically control the following settings for you:

  • PIC32 I/O Port pin connections to LEDs and switches

In addition to configuring hardware options for you, the BSP comes with a small group of library functions that allow you to easily interface with LEDs, switches, and other board-specific hardware. In this lab, you will observe the selections the BSP makes for you. This will show you how to make these selections manually in case a BSP does not exist for the board you want to use.