Audio-Tone Generation Using a Lookup Table With MPLAB® Harmony v3: Step 5

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Verify I/O Pins Using the Graphical Pin Manager

Open the Graphical Pin Manager by clicking on the Pin Settings tab and select to order by Ports.

You can open the MHC Pin Settings and other pin windows by clicking on MHC > Tools > Pin Configuration.

MPLAB X IDE Pin Settings tab​​​​​

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Some of the LED and SWITCH pins have already been defined by the BSP. However, you will need to define some additional pins required by this lab. It is important to name the pins exactly as they are listed in the following table. Many of the drivers are referencing these pins using a specific name. The following table is a list of the pins required by all the labs in this series (in port order).

PIC32MZ2048EFH144 Pin Assignments

First, define the pin function since this will reset the name field of the pin.

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You can also display the pin configuration by selecting the Pin Diagram tab. This gives a quick view of which pins are being used by the device.

PIC32MZ2048EFH144 Pinout

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