Step 4: Include Application-Specific Source Files, Add Required Code and Build the Project

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Copy the source files into your project's Source Files folder:

  • app_sdcard_reader_task.c
  • app_sdcard_reader_task.h
  • app_button_press_task.c
  • app_button_press_task.h

Copy them from the following folder:


to this one:


Copied source files

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Add the copied source files to your project.

Add app_sdcard_reader_task.c and app_button_press_task.c to the Source Files folder (in the MPLAB® X IDE Projects pane) by right-clicking and selecting Add Existing Item…

Add existing item

Select items

Add app_sdcard_reader_task.h and app_button_press_task.h to the Header Files folder by right-clicking and selecting Add Existing Item…

Add existing item

Select item

The files under the project should look like this:

Files added to project

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Open the app.c file and add the function prototypes for the SD card reader and button press tasks.

add the function prototypes

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Add the initialization routines for the SD card reader and button press tasks.

Add the initialization routines

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Modify the APP_Tasks function to add the two newly added tasks, under the APP_STATE_SERVICE_TASKS state.

Modify APP_Tasks

Add two functions that will set and get the current mode of the application. This will execute either the player functionality implemented by the APP_TONE_TEXTFILE_SDCARD_Tasks, or the SD card reader functionality implemented by the APP_SDCARD_READER_Tasks.

Add two functions

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Now, open the app.h file and add the following enumeration. This will be used to manage the application modes.

add the following enumeration

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Next, modify the APP_DATA structure to include the application's mode related information.

Modify structure

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You also need to expose the set and get mode functions to other tasks. Include the following declarations in the app.h file.

Include declarations

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Finally, open app_tone_textfile_sdcard.c and add the following include file and condition. This will ensure the APP_TONE_TEXTFILE_SDCARD_Tasks function runs only when the audio playback mode is selected.

Add include fileif condition

Note: You must also add the closing bracket for the if condition.


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Save all the files before closing.

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Now, you are ready to build the code. Click the Clean and Build rebuild project icon icon and verify that the project builds successfully.

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