Step 1: Copy Source Files and Rename Project for Lab 5

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Create a new folder, named "audio_player_lab5" under apps/training/solutions/dev/audio_player.​

Note: At this point, we suggest you close any open projects from previous labs. This will avoid confusion since you will be opening the project with the same name as the previous lab before renaming it for this lab.

Copy the firmware folder from apps/training/solutions/dev/audio_player/audio_player_lab4 to the newly created folder (audio_player_lab5).

Rename the project from audio_player_lab4 to "audio_player_lab5", because by the end of this session, the lab will have audio_player_lab5 functionality. Open audio_player_lab4.

Under Projects, right-click on audio_player_lab4 and select Rename….

Rename project

In the pop-up window, rename the lab from audio_player_lab4 to "audio_player_lab5".


The MPLAB® X IDE renames the project. It closes the old project audio_player_lab4 and opens the renamed project audio_player_lab5.


Verify that the project builds properly after renaming. Click the Clean and Build icon: rebuild-project icon

In the MPLAB X IDE Projects pane, right click on audio_player_lab5 and select Set as Main Project.

Open MHC. In MPLAB X IDE, click on Tools > Embedded > MPLAB Harmony 3Configurator.

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