Low Power Application on SAMC2x Using MPLAB® Harmony v3 Peripheral Libraries: Step 4

Last modified by Microchip on 2023/11/09 09:07

Configure PM and SUPC

Under the bottom left tab, Available Components, expand Peripherals > PM.
Double-click, or drag and drop, PM to add the PM library (PLIB) to the project graph.
Expanding Peripherals > PM​​​

Select PM and configure.
Selecting PM

​​In standby mode, CPU is stopped as well as the peripherals except those which are configured to run while the CPU is in standby mode. The standby sleep mode provides very low power consumption with little overhead on wake-up time. CPU enters STANDBY mode by executing the WFI instruction and exists in the STANDBY mode when an interrupt is generated.

Under the bottom left tab, Available Components, expand Peripherals > SUPC.
Double-click or drag and drop SUPC to add the SUPC library (PLIB) to the project graph.

 Expanding Peripherals > SUPC

Select SUPC and verify the configuration.

Selecting SUPC

The Supply Controller (SUPC) manages the voltage reference and power supply of the device. It also controls the voltage regulators for the core domain. Voltage regulators need to be configured to low power, which helps in reducing power consumption.

Configure LED and Wake-up test Pins

Open the Pin Configuration tabs by clicking MHC > Tools > Pin Configuration. Go to the Pin Settings tab and configure PA15 (Pin #32) as LED and PA27 (Pin #51) as WAKEUP_TEST.
Opening the Pin Configuration tab